Fall Show October 15th 2017
1-8 PM EST

Mana Contemporary Unveils: HEALING THE HUMAN STRUGGLE
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Curating Elemental Material to Affect Change

Debut by Clairvoyant Sculptor of Vibrational Works, DANNA WEISS.

New work exclusively on 1stdibs.com or by appointment at
Studio 346
Mana Contemporary
888 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07306

JERSEY CITY, NJ—Mana Contemporary is to unveil HEALING THE HUMAN STRUGGLE, the solo debut by clairvoyant sculptor Danna Weiss. Angelic monoliths, comprised of grounding woods, high-vibrational crystals and rare gemstones, are channeled to generate a powerful positive charge and shifts in human consciousness. Weiss’s process begins with intuitive pictures that appear in her mind’s eye. While she focuses on an intention, purpose or individual, the elements themselves light up and inform her of their role in a given work. The series will be housed at Mana, where Weiss will work and present alongside greats like Richard Meier and Gary Lichtenstein. The legendary architect invited Weiss based on her Vibrational Works line of interiors.

Inspired by her new contemporaries, Weiss conceived her first contemporary art collection. The 14-piece exhibit launching this summer includes sculptural works. Tanzanite, rubies, titanium and gold-coated quartz embed Higher Power, 10 freestanding feet of live-edge redwood. Nearby, Archangel looms at 7-by-7 feet, an expanse of curated elements in big-leaf maple. Soaring slabs of crystal and burl mark a new era for Weiss, who is best known to 1stDibs and Vibrational Works clientele as a curator of personal energy. Her early works found homes in Marina del Rey with Larry Ellison and Nikita Kahn, and on display in the Riyadh Palace of Prince Bandar Faisal Al Saud. Shifting her attention from intimate art to totemic pillars, Weiss directs upward and out her unique palette of vibrant woods and array of boundless minerals, driven and propelled by a desire to heal planetary discord. Ahead of the opening, she said:

“The chaos in our world today is undeniable. Internationally, domestically and personally, we may be experiencing feelings of insecurity, anger, resentment and solidarity, whether they are ours or those standing next to us. I often channel works for individuals, families or groups. In this energetic climate, my channel has driven a group of works to answer aspects of the human struggle.

Energies of the angelic realm, love, peace, clarity, security, faith, empowerment, abundance and connectivity fill these conceptually based works. The intention to transmute, transform, and shift energy radiates from them. I create this by grouping certain energies together to address all aspects of an issue metaphysically and that effect turns to earthen beauty. It is my hope that the magic of these works feel realized by all needing their positive vibration and energetic renewal.”

Note to editors:

Danna Weiss is an American artist and clairvoyant. Her Vibrational Works have been featured exclusively on 1stDibs since 2015, and in 2017 she enters residence at Mana Contemporary. A graduate of Syracuse University College of Design, Weiss is a certified Crystal Healer and instructor of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Her toolkit includes power sanders and precision tweezers.

Mana Contemporary is the largest juried art community of its kind. Founded by Moishe Mana, the entrepreneur behind Milk Studios, Mana is headquartered in a refurbished tobacco warehouse near Journal Square, with campuses in Chicago and another at the Wynwood Walls in Miami. Its Jersey City network alone spans more than two million square feet of studio, exhibition, education and ancillary space. The incubator attracts Basel’s most coveted talents, and serves as a sanctum santorum of the international art scene.

To schedule a viewing, contact Weiss’s studio: +1 (877) 756 6501