Vibrational Works

Choosing or Commissioning a Work

Works in the form of sculptures, tables, desks, shelves, and consoles are all available in studio or by commission. Larger works like dining tables or installations are works done on commision. Weiss often experiences clients connecting to their intuition when choosing a work. When one is attracted to a certain piece or component, it appears to come from the visual aesthetic. Though often when the properties of the elements chosen are revealed, it surprises the viewer that those are so closely related to their current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience. Weiss is inspired by connecting to others in this personal and soulful experience.

Commissioned works can be approached in two ways. A piece can be created by specs and colors of a client’s choice, an excellent way of intuiting one’s elements. A piece can also be created by having Weiss intuit a group of elements for an individual, family or organization. Combinations of these two approaches are common. Every piece is an original work. Creative challenges are welcome and Weiss enjoys being of service to her clients and turning their visions into reality.

Weiss welcomes visitors to her Studio, by appointment, located at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ.