Vibrational Works

Choosing an Energy Work

Danna encourages clients when choosing a Vibrational Work to go with works that they are most attracted to, as the body innately knows what energy it needs. Sleep and hunger are obvious body messages, but Danna encourages clients to go deeper and follow their intuitions and feelings when attracted to certain pieces, crystals, gemstones, woods or metals. By simply liking key components of an element’s color, grain or luster, key issues in one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects will be uncovered as they read the piece’s energy sheet. This is what makes choosing or commissioning a Vibrational Work a soulful and exceptional experience.

Commissioned works can be approached in two ways. A piece can be designed by specs and colors of a client’s choice, which is an excellent way of intuiting one’s energies. A piece can also be created by having Danna intuit the best possible group of energies for an individual, family or organization. Combinations of these two approaches are welcome. Available works may be purchased off of the Vibrational Works website or from the website.

Weiss welcomes visitors to the Vibrational Works Studio, by appointment, located at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ.