Danna Weiss

Danna Weiss

Danna Weiss is an American artist and clairvoyant. Her Vibrational Works have been featured exclusively on 1stDibs since 2015, and in 2017 she began residence at Mana Contemporary. Danna is a graduate of Syracuse University College of Design, certified Crystal Healer and instructor of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Born in New York City as an intuitive child to an entrepreneurial family, Danna loved crystals immediately. Her connection to crystals and gemstones is woven through many incarnations. Although Danna has worked for some of fashions best-known icons as a fashion editor and stylist, it is her lifelong passion for crystals and gemstones that led her to first create jewelry and later functional and sculptural contemporary art with earth elements as positive energy vibration.

Artist Statement:

“The chaos in our world today is undeniable. Internationally, domestically and personally, we may be experiencing feelings of insecurity, anger, resentment and solidarity, whether these are our feelings or those standing next to us. I often intuit works for individuals and families. In this energetic climate I've been guided to create works to bring energy and consciousness to humanity and placing high vibrational works throughout the planet.

Energies from the Highest Power, the angelic realm and dimension of love, carry vibrations of peace, clarity, security, faith, empowerment, abundance and connectivity to fill these conceptually and individually based works and ground those aspects into human interaction. The intention to transmute, transform, and shift energy radiates from them in a warmth and presence you can feel.

This is curated by vibrationally addressing various aspects of an issue, resulting in beauty.

It is my intention that the magic of these works feel realized by all needing their positive vibration and energetic renewal.”