Higher Planes and Places

73 x 39 Inch Coffee Table

Big Leaf Maple, 16 inch high stainless steel base, precious and semi precious crystals and gemstones detailed in this Energy Sheet

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Energy Sheet

Apophyllite - physical and spiritual connection and higher dimensional life forms, attunement to the body, helps to act upon the truth in all situations, enhances mindful analysis, assists one in realizing that one is born perfect, astral travel, recognition of ones behavior, looking into apotholite see into the future, bring light and energy into ones being, bring love into ones heart, charges object, enhance and stimulate intuitive vision, assist in preservation and rejuvenation.

Meteorite - gift from another world, assists with tools and abilities of other planets, sacred, energy of other worlds and access to by user, balance and align bodies, enhances communication, provides information stored of other worldly aspects relevant to ones needs, aptitude, strength, assists in total actualization ones purpose, emits a trusting energy, aligns introspection with thoughts of enlightened beings, synthesis of physical reality with “all that is”, cooperation, for anemia, incoherence, melancholia, understand physical body to become one with spirit, acts to disallow malfunctioning on higher levels.

Clear Quartz - clarity, transformation, opens, manifestation, amplifies, prayer, connection to spirit and source, hold intention, generate energy, record keepers, any aspect, any chakra, any star sign, new ideas, organize, awareness, harmony, power, calm, emotional stability. restful sleep, self acceptance, self-love, communication with higher self, increases energy field, raise consciousness.

Herkimer diamonds - harmony, awareness, spontaneity, self recognition, surrender, strength, being, rebirth, attunement, clairvoyance, clairaudience, calming, begin again, clear unconscious fears, realization, expansion. connects people telepathically, stores information, healing, well being.

Hematite - helps to sort out things, mental attunement, memory, enhancement, original thinking, technical knowledge, development of mental and manual dexterity, calming atmosphere, encourages one to reach for the sun, helps one to realize limitations only exist within the mind, helping body remain cool, balance yin yang, balance meridians within body, stable equilibrium between nervous system and physical nervous system, focus of energy and emotions for balance between body mind and spirit, assists in disolution of negativity, transforming negativity to the purity of the universal light of love, facilitate attainment of peace, self-control and inner happiness, conductive to loving relationships, smooth grounding, tranquility, emotional clarity

Clear Optical Calcite - energy amplifier, helps the mind and body to remember its state of perfection, facilitates macrocosmic awareness and appreciation of thr creative forces of nature, assists with studies in arts and sciences,

Big Leaf Maple - spiritual strength, will power, is the tree of offering, giving of one's self so that others may benefit. sacred to Alban Elved (the Autumnal Equinox) because of its fiery red and orange colors as its leaves turn -- a bold celebration of the season and the cycle of death and rebirth. Poised on the equinox, it is linked to both Libra and Virgo, Hazel and Ash. Maple's sacred bird is the Great Horned Owl who is herald of the coming Feast of Samhuinn with its magick and mystery. The owl is a bird associated with wizards and wisdom, and the bearing of messages in the night. In North America, especially in its northern parts, the Maple is a dominant tree with many varieties, including the sugar maple from which maple syrup was made by the Native Americans. As such it is associated with the life-giving sap of the trees, providing food and sweetness for those who treat it with respect and care. Alban Elved is also known as the Feast of Mabon, dedicated to the reborn son-consort of the Great Mother. The Dying God is also the Giant Ymir of Norse myth, from whose body the world was made. Maple is a strongly masculine wood, somewhat rebellious and tough, but with a beautiful smooth grain; hard, yet excellent for carving. Well-suited to spells of sending and communication, binding, transmutations, creation, revolution, rebirth, healing, beauty, art, and abundance.