Hi Danna, We just wanted to share our appreciation of your beautiful piece, truly a prosperity shelf in so many ways. We put it on the wall next to our bed, it has a wonderful effect on the vibe/energy of the room. Kellie always puts a vase of whatever flowers we can get here in Avalon, they seem to last way longer than normal, I place my rings in one of the amazing rivers of crystals that flow through all the channels in the beautiful burl wood, rings on there own have a special energy, but I feel mine are recharged every night. Our guests can't help running there hands all over the nooks and crannies, feeling the crystal structures interacting with the incredible wood they now share. It truly is an amazing force, bringing prosperity in many manifestations to our special home on Catalina Island. Thank you for putting your soul into it.

Gary and Kellie Johnson
Catalina Island

Vibration Furniture

Danna's piece is very special to me and has been one of my favorite creations in our home. When I first saw the picture of The Eye of the Universe piece Danna had created, I was taken by its beauty. Being a healer and believer in holistic healing myself, I had a heard a lot about the powers of crystals and gemstones and had worked with them here and there over the years. I later looked on her social media and again saw this incredibly beautiful table and was mesmerized!! I kept on thinking about the piece, which seemed to stay with me and I knew it was mine. I then called and bought it without seeing the work in person. When the piece arrived it was even more spectacular than I imagined. Though the room which holds our energetic work is a smaller living room in the house, the kids seem very peaceful there and love to hang out in the area when we are home for the summer. It's energy is so bright and inviting that we love to have massages with the table nearby. Friends who visit love this work and it is quite the conversation piece.
Danna thank you for sharing your gift with us it will be with us forever!!

Ursula and Andy Marshak
London UK
Bridgehampton, NY

Vibration Furniture

I have a smaller work of Danna’s called Aquarius. I chose her (or she chose me) as a healing accompaniment to the work that I do. You may see the shape of the hand in this work. There are many special aspects that have been revealed to me over time. I love having Aquarius present when I conduct crystal healing work. Not only is Aquarius a cohealer in my work, she vibrates a kind and loving energy, instilling a deep calm into the atmosphere. Her alchemy sets the stage for many types of healing to occur, and assists me in facilitating my intentions. This is what makes Danna’s work so timeless to me. One will enjoy a positive, dynamic and ever-changing experience with these beautiful works. I am grateful to own Aquarius, who I have found to be beautiful in a multitude of ways

Lynne and Denny Brackett
Orlando, Florida

Vibration Furniture