Vibrational Works

Vibrational Works

Vibrational Works by Danna Weiss is a Contemporary Art collection of energy pieces intended to bring clarity and facilitate renewal. Danna's channel and intuitive understanding of elemental material powers her creative process. Her passion for balancing elements is pioneering a new experience of art as energetic impact and personal awareness by fusing wellness and art. Danna enjoys curating vibrations to allow for healing, and as a consequence creates an aesthetic. She feels that working in this multilayered manner provides a more satisfying result. For more information about Danna’s process, visit her bio.

The Studio

Architect Richard Meier invited Weiss to join Mana Contemporary based on her Vibrational Works line of interiors. Mana Contemporary is the largest juried art community of its kind. Founded by Moishe Mana, the entrepreneur behind Milk Studios, Mana is headquartered in a refurbished tobacco warehouse near Journal Square, with campuses in Chicago and another at the Wynwood Walls in Miami. Its Jersey City network alone spans more than two million square feet of studio, exhibition, education and ancillary space. The incubator attracts Basel’s most coveted talents, and serves as a sanctum santorum of the international art scene. Weiss is honored to be a part of this groundbreaking collective.

The physical piece:

Each energy work is created with a durable and yet non-hazardous solution. This procedure and special solution, allow the various energies to become one energy and a powerful force. Elements range from woods and metals to crystals and gemstones. Woods and stones are sourced from all over the world to find the clearest most energetic material with excellent character, luster and often rareness. The combining of stone energies is an original and delicate process, where Danna energetically balances all elements. Danna works with an array of instruments from large power tools to miniature tweezers. As an intuitive, she feels each element, groups it properly and infuses them in a particular solution and fashion to create the perfect vibration for you. Creative challenges are welcome and Danna enjoys being of service to her clients and turning their visions into reality.

Vibrational Works regularly donates crystals and gemstones to children around the world. For every wood element chosen, she plants another tree in gratitude.


Sculptures, artwork, tables, desks and consoles are all available or able to be commissioned. Larger items like dining tables and installations are solely commissioned. Every piece is an original work.