Vibrational Works


Weiss had a passion for the beauty of crystals and gemstones early on and has been working with them for over thirty years. She originally began inspired by a global history rich in stone energy. A series of experiences deepening her relationship with God led her to look at the beauty and energy of earth elements in a whole new light. She is continually encouraged by that relationship and enamored by the luminously of the gifts of the miraculous world in which we live.


Weiss began in the medium of functional work in 2013. With a goal of placing a high vibrational energy in her home. She created a work for herself using wood as a grounding force to embed the bright energies of crystals and gemstones. Her intention for her first personal piece became a coffee table that captivated clients and friends. They would inquire about a piece to be created from their own metaphysical needs or often insist on buying her own coffee table. Weiss began to intuit works for individuals, families and organizations as well as relate her work to concepts. In 2014 her work was blessed and she soon partnered with 1stDibs to bring her pieces to people all over the world as well as write on the subject for their clientele. Larry Ellison and Nikita Kahn purchased a work for their Marina Del Rey home and Prince Bandar Faisal Al Saud commissioned a work for his Riyadh palace. In 2015, Alia and Ron Tutor requested she create a standing work for their Aspen home, which inspired her transition into creating more sculptural works.

Harness the Power of Crystals

Tips for Clearing The Home

Despite all of her experiences and certifications, her New Age background shifted when Weiss felt that connecting to God’s will for her highest good was a much more powerful road for her work and life. Weiss still uses her intention and energy to create, through a now different lens. Her works are sold with as well as the gallery of Guy Regal and through her studio.


Artworks in the form of sculptures, tables, desks, shelves, and consoles are all available in studio or by commission. Larger works like dining tables or installations are commision only. Every piece is an original work. Creative challenges are welcome and Weiss enjoys being of service to her clients and turning their visions into reality.

The Physical Work

Each work is created with a durable and non-hazardous solution. This procedure and solution solidify and encase the work. Elements range from woods and metals to crystals and gemstones. Woods and stones are sourced from all over the world to find the clearest material with excellent character, luster and often rareness.

Conscious Practice

Weiss regularly donates crystals and gemstones to children who are ill, troubled or in need. For every wood element chosen, she plants another tree in gratitude.

The Studio

Weiss is in residency at Mana Contemporary, one of the largest juried art communities of its kind. Founded by Moishe Mana, the entrepreneur behind Milk Studios, Mana is headquartered in a refurbished tobacco warehouse near Journal Square in Jersey City, with campuses in Chicago and at the Wynwood Walls in Miami. It’s Jersey City network alone spans more than two million square feet of studio, exhibition, education and ancillary space. The incubator spaces attract Art Basel’s most coveted talents, and serve as a sanatorium of the international art scene.

To schedule a viewing, contact Weiss’s studio: +1 (877)756-6501

Weiss Studio
@ Mana Contemporary
Floor 3, Studio 346
888 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306