Vibrational Works

Vibrational Works

Vibrational Works by Danna Weiss is a Contemporary Art collection of energy works intended to renew, elevate vibration and consciousness. Danna's relasionship with Our Creator provides her intuitive understanding of elemental material powers her creative process. Angelic monoliths, comprised of grounding woods, high-vibrational crystals and rare gemstones, are intuited to generate a powerful positive charge. Weiss’s process begins with intuitive notions and pictures appearing in her mind’s eye. Her focus on an intention, purpose or individual, begins this process where the elements themselves light up and inform her of their role in a given piece. She enjoys curating uplifting vibrations and as a result creates a multi-dimensional work.

The Story of Vibrational Works

Crystals and stone energy had become very powerful for Danna and her clientele. Understanding that she needed a higher vibration in her space from which to evolve, Vibrational Works was conceptualized. She began by creating a work for herself, using wood as a grounding force to embed crystal and gemstone energies to create an elevated vibration in her home. Her intention for her first personal piece became a coffee table that captivated clients and friends. They would inquire about a piece to be created from their own energetic profile or insist on buying the coffee table. Danna realized how the work was creating an energy field and began to intuit pieces for others based on balancing their energetic needs. Her work was blessed and she soon partnered with 1stDibs to bring her pieces to people all over the world. Larry Ellison and Nikita Kahn purchased a work for their Marina del Rey home and Prince Bandar Faisal Al Saud commissioned a work for his Riyadh palace. In 2015, Alia and Ron Tutor requested she create a work for their Aspen home which inspired her transition into making sculptural pieces. Each piece has a channeled purpose, whether it is for an individual, family, organization or concept. Danna’s work can be purchased through her 1st Dibs site or through the Vibrational Works website. Danna acts as energetic expert to often writing articles on the subject for their clientele.

Harness the Power of Crystals

Tips for Clearing The Home


Artworks in the form of sculptures, tables, desks, shelves and consoles are all available in studio or by commission. Larger items like dining tables and installations are commission only. Every piece is an original work.

The Physical Piece

Each energy work is created with a durable non-hazardous material. This procedure and special solution, allow the various energies to become one-energy and a powerful vibrational force. Elements range from woods and metals to crystals and gemstones. Woods and stones are sourced from all over the world to find the clearest most energetic material with excellent character, luster and often rareness. The combining of stone energies is an original and delicate process, where Danna balances energies to align the vibration for each client. Creative challenges are welcome and Danna enjoys being of service to her clients and turning their visions into reality.

Conscious Practice

Vibrational Works regularly donates crystals and gemstones to children who are ill, troubled or in need. For every wood element chosen, she plants another tree in gratitude.

The Studio

Vibrational Works is in residency at Mana Contemporary, the largest juried art community of its kind. Founded by Moishe Mana, the entrepreneur behind Milk Studios, Mana is headquartered in a refurbished tobacco warehouse near Journal Square in Jersey City, with campuses in Chicago and at the Wynwood Walls in Miami. Its Jersey City network alone spans more than two million square feet of studio, exhibition, education and ancillary space. The incubator spaces attract Art Basel’s most coveted talents, and serves as a santorum of the international art scene.

To schedule a viewing, contact Weiss’s studio: +1 (877) 756 6501

Vibrational Works Studio
@ Mana Contemporary
Floor 3, Studio 346
888 Newark Avenue
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